Pool Sentry was founded in 2004 and our vision was for all those involved with commercial swimming pools to be able to do their job better whilst saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

Our aim is to support the commercial swimming pool sector to deliver safe and attractive water reliably and cost-effectively.

Because we understand  pools - the flow of water around the pool and filters, the sanitising effects of chemicals used, and how everything about a pool is inter-related - we reckon we can sort out even the most challenging pool.  

Starting with an initial survey of a pool and plant room, to a recommended schedule of works, to implementation by our team of skilled engineers we will leave you with a pool that you can operate with confidence, that provides a great experience for your customers, and costs you less to run.


Our accreditations include EXOR ‘Gold standard’.


Science Based Approach

We come from a science background, so the first thing we wanted to do was to understand all we could about swimming pools and spas.  And to question everything.  We've now started to translate these unique pool insights into technology-based solutions that all our customers can benefit from.

Our new Pool Sentry Box includes  intelligent control of circulation pump speed

Our new Pool Sentry Box includes  intelligent control of circulation pump speed


    • Is the sanitisation effective?
    • Are disinfection by-products under control?
    • Is your filtration removing Cryptosporidium-sized particles quickly and effectively?
    • Is the composition of the air in the pool hall within safe long-term exposure limits?
    • Is your water circulation rate providing effective filtration and sanitisation with optimal energy use?
    • Are there any aspects of your water chemistry that are having adverse effects on the pool environment, or wasting chemicals?
    • Are you wasting water, chemicals and electricity?

    Our research activities have provided us with a set of unique tools to address all the above issues. These are tools that can help you in very practical ways to run your pools more effectively and efficiently. The first step is for us to audit your pool to highlight where improvements could immediately be made.