Pool Sentry at PWTAG Conference 2018 and SPATEX 2019

We presented the latest findings from our world-leading Mobile Lab facility at the PWTAG Conference Dec 2018 and Spatex Feb 2019.  The results of our particle counting studies to measure the actual performance of commercial pool filtration systems might surprise you!  A summary of the presentation is available for download here.  Don’t worry - we were able to identify the causes of the problems and help the sites improve their filtration.  As a result of our involvement the sites were able to significantly improve their risk management procedures.

Pool Sentry team up with Cranfield University and Public Health Wales to publish a review of the science of swimming pool filtration May 2019 

 We are delighted to announce publication in the peer-reviewed Journal of Water and Health of our paper on the science of swimming pool filtration written in collaboration with colleagues from Cranfield University and Professor Rachel Chalmers of the Cryptosporidium Reference Unit, Public Health Wales.  In our paper we explain the mechanisms by which swimming pool filters remove particles of different sizes (including Cryptosporidium oocyst-size particles, typically 4-6 µm), factors that affect the efficiency of particle removal (such as filtration velocity), current recommended management practices, and we identify further work to support the development of a risk-based management approach for the management of waterborne disease outbreaks from swimming pools.  The publisher selected this paper to be available free of charge because of its importance and potential widespread readership. The paper will be available in the June edition and can be downloaded here 

https://iwaponline.com/jwh/article-abstract/doi/10.2166/wh.2019.270/66379/Role-of-filtration-in-managing-the-risk-from? redirectedFrom=fulltext