QEII Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre

QEII Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre, De Montfort University Leicester

Dec 2015

The QEII Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre has cut its electricity use by 20% following energy saving measures championed by the leisure centre staff.

The collaborative project between the Estates & Commercial Services Energy Team and Louis Gavin, Duty Officer at the centre, has helped to reduce electricity use over the past 11 months. The project involved installing variable speeds drives (together with Pool Sentry intelligent control) on circulation pumps for the swimming pool. This has resulted in electricity costs being approximately £20,000 lower this year than the same period last year. 

the savings

  • Saved £20,000 in electricity in the first year
  • This paid back our cost in just 8 months
  • This also helped to reduce carbon emissions by 85 tonnes


"See the energy newsletter regarding the VSD’s and new controller. Original projections on payback was a 1.5 years. It actually took 8 months. Amazing. I know it was a struggle to get through, but we did it in the end. Can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to the next pool based energy saving job."

Louis Gavin,Duty Officer

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre

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