Archway Leisure Centre

Archway Leisure Centre, North London

Working with Leisure Energy, GLL in partnership with Islington Council reduced their annual energy consumption at Archway  Leisure Centre by 33% with a payback period of 2.8 years.  

Pool Sentry was closely involved in the project planning and the identification of the potential savings.  Pool Sentry made a substantial contribution to the overall savings achieved by implementing intelligent control of the speed of the circulation pumps. In addition to energy savings there were improvements in air quality and water quality.


  • Calculated current energy use
  • Analysed the primary ‘energy hungry’ areas
  • Identified sources of wasted energy
  • Modelled current systems against Leisure Energy’s proven performance data
  • Analysed water use and wastage
  • Compared existing total annual energy costs with the projected costs post capital investment works

Leisure Energy’s audit recommended that Archway Leisure Centre carry out a suite of interdependent works. These were completed for a total sum of £172,000, which has a payback of 2.8 years when measured against savings in energy costs; the overall savings allow for the January 2016 reduction in gas prices. As a result of additional measures installed, we anticipate the annual gas-saving to rise to 39% and continuing at that level – this will further reduce the payback period.

the savings

  • £62,019 reduction in annual energy costs
  • 28.2% reduction in annual gas consumption
  • 37.6% reduction in annual electricity consumption
  • £2,100 reduction in annual water bill

The outcomes for Archway Leisure Centre not only include improvements to the quality of the pool environment but real financial benefits when measured against whole life cost/value.


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